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Favourite city to visit by travellers

San Miguel de Allende favourite city to visit by travellers, invites you to return again and again!

Awarded the second-best city as a travel destination in the world by the World´s Best Awards 2020, catalogued as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Magical city that takes you back in time, from the very road that we take to get there, known as “Independence Route,” which crosses the main cities that the “insurgents” used to get together secretly to plot the independence of New Spain to become The Mexican Nation.

When we walk through this marvellous place and promenade the cobble stone streets, we realize that art permeates every nook and cranny, with its countless shops and an amazing crafts market of unnamed authors to the Aurora Factory that holds some of the most recognized contemporary artists renowned the world over.

Undoubtedly one of the major attractions is The Saint Michael the Archangel Parrish. The inside houses plenty of great artistic treasures. The altar piece on the main altar is a Neo- Classical jewel, all its decorative elements are gilded. The altar itself as well as the steps are made of red marble that was expressly imported from Italy, among so many other treasures.

Of course, in a place filled with magic, the typical Mexican gastronomy cannot be a miss. There are all kinds of places to eat, from the humblest of meals, that is quite delicious, to the most delectable of dishes created by world famous chefs. Moreover, the natural enclave is spectacular and, there are so many more activities to do while visiting.


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