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Piedra Herrada Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

At the appointed time and the appointed place, we will board our vehicle. Today’s departure will take us towards the west. Through some imposing mountains we will go through La Marquesa as well as a wooded area that frames the exit of Mexico City. We´ll descend on route, through the area of Lerma, from there we´ll be taking the road through Toluca´s industrial zone and will continue our trip towards the city of Valle de Bravo. Just outside before arriving in the city we find the sanctuary of the Monarch Butterflies in Piedra Herrada.

Here we´ll climb a hill where we can climb the first ¾ part of the way on horseback (cost not included) or we can climb on foot, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes and proper shoes for light climbing. We´ll reach the high part of the mountain, where we will find the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, where they spend the winter months.

Coming down from Canada, from the Quebec forests, as well as those from British Columbia, and from the western USA with an instinctive drive from thousands of years, the butterflies all leave at the same time towards the south. For years, no one knew where the butterflies were in Mexico they were hiding, until they were recently discovered between the Michoacan State and the Mexico State, they descend by the millions. The old tradition was thought that the butterflies were the souls of the dead that would return to visit, since their arrival coincided with the feast of the “Day of the Dead” around November the 1st and 2nd.

TBy the time we finish our visit it will be lunchtime, so we will board our vehicle in order to go to the lake of Valle de Bravo. This lake has been enjoyed by locals since pre-Columbian times, surrounded by multiple waterfalls, as well as thick forests. Valle de Bravo has become a place of rest for people vacationing from all over the world. We´ll enjoy our lunch on one of the large boats that is floating on the edge of the lake. Here with the view of the entire lake we´ll enjoy the company of the many ducks that approach the boats hoping to get some food.


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