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Silver City - Taxco de Alarcon

Our ride will take us through some of the hills and mountains that surround the south side of the Anahuac Basin, the imposing volcano Ajusco with its Pico del Aguila, that is a pleasure to climb on foot to admire the landscape of three valleys that surround it.

We continue our ride through the Mexican countryside with the lush landscape of the perennial woods of Oyamel and Viking pines with dot most of the land. We´ll see the sheep and agave for mezcal and the sweaters and scarfs and shawls and gloves that are a beautiful part of the woollen Mexican knitted handcrafts.

We will descend on the old Valley of Cuauhnahuac, today known as Cuernavaca, a large industrial city that began with the wool textile factories as well as other industrial plants in the area of Civac, greenhouses as well as rose fields as well as the very famous Miel Carlota these have made Cuernavaca an idyllic place to live. The temperate climate throughout the year made in olden times award it the motto “The City of Eternal Spring.”

We shall continue through the “Highway of the Sun, we´ll arrive at the Silver City, Taxco of Alarcon, old mining town, that, due to the immense silver deposits was in its heyday the envy of the entire world, due to the abundances provided to the miners. The beauty of the city is preserved along with the tradition of not allowing any modern looking building to be erected unless it be in the colonial Mexican style. Preserving thus the Mediterranean flavour that characterizes it, with cobbled stone streets and whitewashed walls, terracotta tiles cover the roofs, one hundred churches and centuries of tradition make Taxco one of the most famous silver centres around the globe.

The silversmiths of Taxco put all of their best efforts into offering the most traditional designs that are exhibited next to the most avant-garde designs of fashion, all of the silver offered is displayed by the shop keepers with pleasure and pride, the great jewellers display their prizes won that show their ability in the National Contest of Silversmiths.


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