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Picturesque town, Mexican colonial architecture

Our journey will take us through the hills and mountains that surround the south of the Anahuac Basin, the imposing volcano Ajusco, with the Pico del Aguila is a popular spot to do some mountain climbing for the amazing view of the valleys that surround it.
We´ll continue our ride through the Mexican landscape of thick forests full of pines of the Oyamel and Viking variety. We´ll get to see the fields and the sheep and the agave that dot the countryside. There are plenty of crafts from the wool as well as the drinks from agave in the area.

Tepoztlan is quite the picturesque village, mystical as well as full of handcrafts, colour, tradition and delicious food. This village has the charm of the cobbled Stone streets and the traditional Mexican colonial architecture. The village contrasts against the Tepozteco hill, where the pyramid can be found. Built between 1150 and 1350 AD, this ceremonial centre was dedicated to Omettochtli- Tepxtécatl, the deity of pulque, fertility and the harvest. The Tepozteco hill was declared Natural Protected Area in 1937. In order to get to the top, it takes approximately one hour, it is required that you are in a fairly good shape and wear boots of foot gear that is appropriate for a climb, as well as comfortable clothes.

The ruins of Xochicalco are of an exceptional beauty, with the carvings on the walls that display the heritage left by its founding inhabitants the Olmec – Xicalanca People. The name translates as “In the house of the flowers.” Founded previously to Teotihuacan, it continued to be inhabited even after the fall of it. The greatest attraction is the observatory, that allows to see a sunbeam shine directly into the cave perpendicularly at noon, thus demonstrating the vast knowledge which the inhabitants possessed of the astronomical phenomena. We can also see the different pyramids where the carvings of Quetzalcoatl are displayed with the influence of Teotihuacan as well as the Mayan. We can also see the ball courts and the sweat baths.


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