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Tula or the Great Tollan

Today we shall be visiting one of the most transcendental pre-Columbian cities. Tula or the Great Tollan, associated with Quetzalcoatl. Using the city as the seat of knowledge of the most sublime arts, the Mexica took the word Toltec as a synonym of ultimate knowledge and the connection with the gods.

Established around 400 B.C. and occupied by different groups at different times, the city is mainly comprised of two elements in its history. Tula the small, the initial settlement and later Tula the Greater which contains the most emblematic buildings in the city.
The most relevant buildings in the site are 3, the first is the A building, with reliefs on the walls which are like the ones in Chichen Itza, as well of the elements of the Chaac Mool, and the burnt temple, with its columns that are like those in the temple of the thousand columns of Chichen Itza,
The second one or B building, is the most emblematic temple, it is the Quetzalcoatl one, with the most impressive columns in the form of 4 warriors dressed in the attire for war, however at the same time with elements of the ball game it shows the ritual importance for the continuation of life. These “Atlantean figures” have become emblematic not only for the State of Hidalgo, but for Mexico as well.
The third building or C building is the burnt temple with multiple columns like the thousand columns building of Chichen Itza.

Finishing our visit, we shall continue our trip heading southbound towards the city of Tepotzotlan, that is filled with the ambience of a small town and the beauty of the central square where all of society has gathered since times immemorial, it is presided by the old Saint Francis Xavier College, currently the Colonial Museum.
LThe Saint Francis Xavier Church is no longer in use for worship, it is an exceptional example of the Baroque-Churrigueresque style and has been completely restored and preserved spectacularly. This space is used these days for cultural events.


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