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Puebla is one of Mexico’s most important touristic sites, due to its unparalleled cultural, historical and gastronomical importance. But, before we arrive at this magical city, we´ll take a ride through the famous volcanoes of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, you´ll love the legend!

Cultural, Historical and Gastronomic

Our first stop will be the town of Cholula, in Puebla, where the largest pyramid in the world can be found. The construction started during the 8th century and was continually added on until it reached a with of 700 meters. We´ll then visit the church of Santa Maria Tonanzintla, the greatest example of the baroque architecture interpreted by the native Americans.

We´ll continue our trip towards Puebla City, administrative centre for the state of Puebla, originally founded by the Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, basing the original design on a very vivid dream; where he saw the angels of Heaven building a City designed by God. The greatness and the wealth of its people is mirrored by the buildings and the plenty of treasures that decorate them. Puebla´s Cathedral, as well as the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, are only two examples of the magnificence of the art influence that Puebla acquired.

The gastronomical delights are one of the most emblematic elements of the entire State of Puebla, making its culinary arts a true legacy that has been passed down the generations without change, it is therefore that the mole poblano, stuffed poblano chiles in a walnut sauce, and the sweet potato and pumpkin confections as well as the sugar skulls are now catalogued as Intangible Mexican Heritage.

The state´s typical female costume is one that has represented Mexico around the world, it is the most recognizable and it holds a history that joined the world of the far East with the New World.


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