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"The Markets" - Part of the Mexican Culture

Definitely “Markets” are an integral part of Mexican culture. This practice of selling their products in a market came to be due to the pre-Columbian practices; the native Americans did not use money, basing their economy on bartering and trading, markets were simply open areas. It is Hernan Cortes who begins the “Mercy Market” La Merced, entrusting the Priests of Our Lady of Mercy to oversee that the natives were no longer taken advantage of by the conquistadores. Therefore, they established a series of specialized markets that are still active today.


We begin our visits with the market of “Jamaica”, it took the name of the street where it is located. This market specialises in flowers from Mexico and from abroad. Here you can find all the materials that are needed for people who own their own flower business as well as for people who make the occasional flower arrangement. There is also those who provide the arrangements to go, or you can hire a specialist that can make the arrangement to your specifications.


We continue our tour toward the “La Viga” market, the name comes from an old river that used to be right behind the market, this we´ll see without abandoning our vehicle, we see all the different places that specialize in seafood and fish, serving their specialties all year round.


Continuing out tour, we visit the area of “La Merced,” from our vehicle we can see the enormous variety of products offered, mainly clothes manufactured in Mexico, as well as a great different variety of low-cost electronics.


And you cannot do a market visit without a trip to the Market of San Juan. This market has food from all over the world, from the awfully familiar serrano Spanish hams black hoof and bellota, as well as cheeses domestic and imported. Also, you can purchase here edible bugs such as grasshoppers, chincuiles worms, different types of scorpions, tarantulas, among others. You may taste wines from Mexico as well as imported, also there are beers, mezcal as well as plenty of other drinks. You may also want to try the famous quesadillas with an assorted exotic meat such as boar, alligator, crocodile and plenty of other eccentric meats from animals and reptiles.

Plaza Garibaldi

This grand day may not end without a visit to the great Garibaldi Square. It is here that we find the Tequila Museum, learning the history of this world-famous drink we can see a collection of over 500 different bottles of Tequila, that now has denomination of origin. At the end of our visit, we will have a tasting and we can enjoy great Mexican food in a typical setting surrounded by mariachi music in the most famous belly button of all the mariachi the Garibaldi Square, where mariachi bands offer their services to liven any party 24 hours a day!


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